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T'Pau - '30 Years at Number One' 

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Carol at KOKO London 30/09/17

Here's a fab video of Carol, in association with Coalition Talent, at Guilty Pleasures, KOKO London on 30/9/17, singing the 'soon to be 30 years old' 'China.' With Sara Cox Presents Just Can't Get Enough 80's. Enjoy!!!

It's hard to believe that us 'T'Pau fans' were more than likely early to mid-teenagers 30 years ago, which is when the band made their mark on to the music scene, which would make us probably averaging our mid forties now!! (When did we become so ancient?!!)

Obviously, when I say 'made their mark', I'm talking about 'Heart & Soul', the bands first single success.

Its first release in the UK saw it reaching the late 90's in the charts & then disappearing without a trace!!

Things weren't looking good; the debut album 'Bridge of Spies' had been recorded and was all ready to go and it looked as though the bands success was over before it had begun!!

Then, at the eleventh hour, the Americans had taken notice of 'Heart & Soul' and taken it to their hearts.

It peaked at number 4 on the 3rd week of July 1987 in the American Billboard Charts and stayed  in the charts for a staggering 6 months!! - I guess, a white English singer singing a part-rap song 30 years ago when rap wasn't that well known or popular, gained both interest and a curiosity from the American public and introduced the World to the distinctive vocal talents of Carol Decker and the song-writing talents of Carol & Ronnie Rogers.

Carol Decker & Ronnie Rogers

While all this was going on across the pond, 'Heart & Soul' reached number 1 in Canada and had reached very respectable chart positions in many other countries world-wide, including France, Switzerland, New Zealand & Ireland to name a few. However, more importantly, for the band, it was finally getting the recognition it so greatly deserved back home in the UK & was climbing up its charts!!

Heart & Soul single cover

Back in the day, before you could download songs on sites such as iTunes/Spotify/Deezer/Amazon etc.., a song would take a lot longer to climb up the charts, even if it was destined for a high chart position.

'Heart & Soul' entered UK charts 1/8/87 for 14 weeks until 31/10/87 and its chart positions were 80, 57, 48, 44, 28, 9, 5 & No. 4, where it peaked-the same position as America!

The band were called back home from doing American promo, to start promoting 'Heart & Soul' in the UK & Carol was immensely proud that the box had been ticked after they had recorded their first Top of The Pops, calling it "an institution".

"Heart & Soul Video"

T'Pau Singing "Heart & Soul"
 Their 1st ever Top Of The Pops

It was the 2nd single, however, that put the band on the map, which was the timeless classic 'China In Your Hand', and gave them recognition around the world.  It went to number one in a lot of countries, including Belgium, Holland, Switzerland & Ireland, and top five in many more.

'China' entered the UK charts on 24/10/87 for 15 weeks until 30/1/88, and its chart positions before it peaked at the top spot were 43, 19, 5 and then number 1 where it stayed for 5 weeks and was the longest serving number one of that year.

China In Your Hand single cover

As I said before, back then, songs would 'slowly' climb up the chart-'China' didn't even make the top 40 on its first week of release!! To put its popularity in to perspective, the No. 1, up to 2005, had appeared on more than 150 compilation albums, and I know that number has increased significantly!!

November 2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of the bands biggest achievement of that year; they stopped George Harrison from getting to number one in the singles chart with 'Got My Mind Set On You' and they also kept Paul McCartney off the top spot in the albums chart with 'All The Best' as 'Bridge of Spies' was number one in the Album Charts for one week that 'China' was number one in the singles chart. 

'Bridge of Spies' was re-issued in 2016 as a 2CD Remastered & Expanded Edition. It includes the original album remastered, as well as B-Sides, all of the 'Heart & Soul' remixes (including the American remixes), Demos (including the never heard before stunning 'Maggie') plus a plethora of live recordings. It has 37 tracks in total and is worth every penny! So if you missed it the first time round, CLICK HERE to check out full details of it including links to buy!!

T'Pau 2-CD Remastered & Expanded 'Bridge of Spies'

Technically, you could say that the band were bigger than The Beatles in 1987!!  Getting a joint number 1 in both the Singles & Album charts' simultaneously in the 80's was no mean feat! In fact, it was almost unheard of! So that was another box that Carol could tick!

Did you know that 1 in 10 UK households back in the 80's had a copy of T'Pau's debut album 'Bridge of Spies', that's a lot of record sales-Quadruple Platinum to be precise!!

'China' was the 600th number one in the UK and went to the top spot when the band were touring with Bryan Adams! Can you imaging that...Support artists are meant to compliment the main act, not eclipse them!! The songs 5-week run lasted from 8/11/87-12/12/87.

The band then went on to headline their own arena shows, including Wembley Arena & The NEC. Carol was loving her '15 minutes as Madonna' mixing with royalty & music royalty & finally being able to turn left on a plane!! Not to mention all of the copious amounts of free champagne!! 

The time the band were on a private jet & the champagne was flowing...Oh, what a life!! But wait...there was only one snag...the jet didn't have a toilet on it!! Let's just say many legs were crossed & the funny walks getting off the plane were a picture!! You'll have to read Carol's new Autobiography 'Heart & Soul' for the full story! There's plenty more anecdotes in it and it is a very good read. It has a 5 Star rating and there are signed copies available too! CLICK HERE for a detailed review of the book and links to buy!!

Carol's new Autobiography 'Heart & Soul'

'Bridge of Spies' generated a plethora of hits worldwide, apart from the obvious two mentioned, including 'Valentine', 'Sex Talk', 'I Will Be With You' & 'Bridge of Spies', and that's just from the first album!!

2013 saw the #TPau25Live Tour announced. This was to celebrate 25 years since the band made their mark on the music scene. An announcement was made by Ronnie that he was on board for the full tour & it was over 20 years since both Carol & Ronnie had done a full gig together!!

The #TPAU25Live Tour dates

The sell-out tour was 29 dates including a 45 minute set at 'The Isle of Wight Festival'. The Big-Top stage was packed to the rafters and the band's performance went down a storm!!

T'Pau shared the 'Big Top' Stage with Little Mix!!

The band shared the same 'Big-Top' stage with 'Little Mix', 'Rizzle Kicks' and 'Tim Burgess' from 'The Charletans' fame!!!

Carol & Ronnie performing to a 'packed to the rafters' 'Isle of Wight Festival'

There is a Blog dedicated to the #TPau25Live Tour 2013! It includes everything from the Press Release, copious amounts of press coverage it received nationally & locally, both in magazines, newspapers & local TV interviews, the best of the Youtube videos (There is a beautiful video of 'Strange Place' at The Robin 2 in Bilston, Wolverhampton. Talk about James Ashby being the Axe Hero!!), a review to sum it all up, photos & fans comments!! CLICK HERE to view it. 

T'Pau singing 'Secret Garden' at IOW Festival

The tour was such a success that it inspired Carol & Ronnie to go back in to the studio and record what was to be their 5th T'Pau album titled 'Pleasure & Pain'.

It was T'Pau's first album since the critically acclaimed 'Red' in 1998 & that was 17 years prior!!
The fans loved it. The tracks were getting airplay on Radio 2 shows including Graham Norton & the late, great Sir Terry Wogan & it got to number 21 in the Indie Charts!!

The album was released in 2015 and has a 5-Star rating on both Amazon & iTunes!!
People were saying that the album had the DNA of T'pau running through it and it does!
The great thing about T'Pau songs is that they never sound dated, so songs like 'Heart & Soul' wouldn't sound out of place in todays charts!!

T'Pau in the Indie Charts!!
You only need listen to the lead-off single from the new album, the thought-provoking 'Nowhere' which has Carol's haunting pitch-perfect vocals, to see that the band aren't going anywhere soon!!

The album has typical T'Pau trademarks, including diverse songs ranging from the typical ballads you would expect to hear, the more rockier tracks and even a song which is as near to rap as you can get!! 

'Pleasure & Pain #1 in Amazon's 'Hot New Releases
in Pop/Rock' Pre-Release Chart

It's satisfied the music hungry fans who have waited so very patiently for its release!!

For a full review of 'Pleasure & Pain' including 4 tracks available to listen to on Soundcloud & for links to buy it, CLICK HERE

To mark the Anniversary of the huge success of 'China In Your Hand', and it reaching the top spot, Carol and the band have announced a special set of live shows. The first one being in Shrewsbury where it all started for the band.

"China In Your Hand" video

T'Pau on Top Of The Pops singing
"China In Your Hand" whilst at No. 1

All four dates fall in the period when 'China' was exactly number one thirty years ago!!

These shows are going to sell out very quickly, looking at the success of the #TPau25Live Tour, so book your tickets as soon as you can!!

Carol's vocals are still as strong and pitch-perfect as they were 30 years ago-even better, if that's at all possible!! It's Carol's presence on the stage that draws you in and will ensure you're in for a great show!! Carol & the band are capable of rocking out any venue they appear at.

This year sees Carol, either with a house-band or T'Pau, committing to the largest amount of Festivals she has ever undertaken in a single year. She has already done Rewind Scotland, Let's Rock London, Let's Rock Bristol, Dunstable Rocks & Camp Bestival, to name a few. There are still more to come & T'Pau have even headlined a few!!

Carol & The Axe Hero James at Let's Rock Bristol

Looking at the sea of people watching Carol & the band perform and singing along to the songs, especially 'China In Your Hand', is a moment Carol & Ronnie have every reason to be proud of.
It shows that, even 30 years later, T'Pau haven't lost their sparkle or popularity!!

The music of T'Pau was the soundtrack to our youth, and for many, our lives, so having these celebratory gigs I think is a great idea!!

Universal Music Group have released a 4-CD Box-Set titled "T'Pau-The Virgin Anthology" to mark the 30th Anniversary of T'Pau, which you can read about further in the Blog. 

The Butter Market, Shrewsbury
November 17th 2017

Click on image below for ticket info &
to buy tickets

Islington Assembley Hall, London
23rd November 2017

Click on image below for ticket info &
to buy tickets

The Concorde 2, Brighton
24th November 2017

Click on image below for ticket info &
to buy tickets

T'Pau - 'The Virgin Anthology'

To celebrate 30 years of T'pau making it big on the music scene, Universal Music Group has released 'T'Pau : The Virgin Anthology'.

Four discs are housed in this stunning Box-Set which includes 60 T'Pauwerful songs and a 49-page booklet with previously unseen pictures.

For more details including links to buy CLICK HERE